‘Frightening development’: Environmental red tape threatens farmers

Nationals leader David Littleproud says the Queensland Environment Department’s secret legislation which threatens to bog the agricultural sector down in red tape is a “frightening development”.

“Governments shouldn’t tell farmers what to do, the market will do that, because farmers will either make a quid or they won’t,” he said.

‘They’re coming for you’: Paul Murray delivers message to ‘lefty Liberals’

Sky News host Paul Murray has delivered a message to “lefty Liberals” in Victoria, saying the teals are coming for them.

“They’re coming for you because they hate the footy jersey you’re wearing, and it doesn’t matter which wing you associate yourself with or how you think you can outcompete,” he said.

“The reality is a former Labor staffer is going to pretend to be an independent that a grassroots organisation will get behind.”

NRL Grand Final may move to QLD

Sky News Queensland Editor Peter Gleeson says it “looks like” Queensland will “steal” the NRL Grand Final from NSW following reports of a fresh breakdown between the ARL Commission boss Peter V’landys and the NSW government.

Mr Gleeson said Queensland may host the final for the second consecutive year.

“We understand talks between the Australian Rugby League, Peter V’landys and his commission have broken down with the NSW government,” he told Sky News Australia.

“There is no trust there.”

‘Alarming issues’ with separation of powers amid ACT work safety ban

ACT Liberal Leader Elizabeth Lee said there are “alarming issues” concerning the separation of powers and “executive overreach” after the ACT’s safety watchdog shut down the territory’s parliamentary estimates hearings.

Estimates hearings in the ACT’s parliament were called off yesterday, after a complaint was lodged with the territory’s workplace safety regulator about COVID safety protocols.

Ms Lee said the issue brings into question “alarming issues” concerning the separation of powers.

“It’s an extraordinary, unprecedented situation,” she told Sky News Australia.

“We’re still in the dark about what’s going to happen for the rest of the week, and of course next week.”

‘Expensive’ and ‘slow’ to raise Warragamba Dam wall

Western Sydney University’s Dr Ian Wright says it will be “expensive” and “slow” to raise the wall of Warragamba Dam.

Mr Wright said the process to raise the wall could take a decade.

“And I’m not sure how effective it’s going to be,” he told Sky News Australia.

‘It’s in the past’: Howard insists no ‘damage’ done to Australia’s body politic

Former prime minister John Howard says he doesn’t think any “damage” has been done to Australia’s body politic after Scott Morrison was found to have secretly swore himself into five portfolios.

Mr Howard said people like Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should understand it is “in the past”.

“I think the attempts to involve the Governor-General are quite wrong and unfair on the face of it was nothing illegal,” he told Sky News Australia.

“And in those circumstances, the Governor-General has to act on the advice of his ministers.”

The full interview will be available on The Bolt Report tomorrow.

‘Outrageous’: Andrew Bolt slams Scott Morrison’s ‘bizarre’ secret ministry

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says former prime minister Scott Morrison has “embarrassed his party” in a scandal that continues to become “even more bizarre”.

Mr Bolt said Mr Morrison got a “real taste of power and got hungrier by the month”.

“Making himself a secret minister means Morrison could make decisions the real minister didn’t want to and was legally responsible for – and responsible for in Parliament,” Mr Bolt said.

“What Morrison did was outrageous.

“Every Liberal should be ashamed that it takes a Labor Prime Minister of the socialist left to warn them against letting a prime minister centralise power in himself.”

‘Weak United States’ is China’s ‘best opportunity’ for victory

Former ASPI Executive Director Peter Jennings says a “weak United States” is the “best opportunity” for China’s victory.

“I think the Chinese conclude that with a weak United States the best opportunity they may have to pull off a victory … would be if they do something aggressive in just the next few years,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

Mr Jennings said China is “trying” to demonstrate they have the capacity to invade Taiwan.

“I think what they would like to do is a successful version of what Russia failed at in the early days of the Ukraine campaign – which is an airborne assault.”

Anthony Albanese ‘has got to get on with leading’

Sky News host Chris Smith says former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s secret ministerial portfolios have been “served on a platter for Anthony Albanese”.

Mr Smith said Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has “taken it and run with it”.

“It’s fair to do that but he has to get on with leading,” he said.

“People are talking about cost of living, not necessarily will they talk about this story – Scott Morrison’s story in a couple days’ time.”