Utah Senator Mitt Romney says the president has had 52 “bad weeks” in office which has left the country “severely divided” as Joe Biden’s one year anniversary in office looms.

“There is no question the nation is severely divided,” Mr Romney told NBC.

“President Biden said he was going to unite the country – obviously as you pointed out in the last segment – his comments in Georgia did not suggest he’s trying to pull us back together again.

“James Carville just said he’s had a bad week but not a bad year. No, no as a matter of fact he’s had a bad year. He’s had 52 weeks of a bad week.”

The former presidential candidate listed record high inflation, the surge of coronavirus cases, the botched withdrawal of troops out of Afghanistan and the border crisis as the main issues affecting Joe Biden’s embattled leadership in his first year in office.

“The president needs to stop and reset and say what it is he’s trying to accomplish and if it’s trying to transform America he’s not going to unite us,” he said.

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