The NSW Greens are trying to write women out of law, according to NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham.

The New South Wales Greens have, on 23 occasions, attempted to delete the word ‘woman’ from new laws protecting unborn babies – trying to change the phrasing in the bill to ‘pregnant people’.

“Only women can ever have babies, and if you don’t reflect that in law, then what the heck are you going on about,” Mr Latham told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“As we know, the Greens are nutty, but let’s understand the full scope of this nutty movement.

“This is the woke left trying to pretend there’s no such thing as gender, there’s no such thing as male or female, and you could be either of them any other day.”

Mr Latham noted the amendments had been defeated in the upper house; however, it was a “close run thing” along the way.

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