Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says the biggest issue for Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce after testing positive to COVID-19 will be “having to isolate for some time”.

Mr Joyce has tested positive for the virus in the United States after a trip to the United Kingdom.

Mr Clennell says the Nationals leader “seems okay” as he is double vaccinated, “so that should help significantly, but you never know because it’s often the second week of the virus where we know the symptoms are a lot worse”.

“It made you wonder today what will happen if one of these leaders, whether it’s … Anthony Albanese or Scott Morrison, tested positive for COVID-19 during the campaign,” Mr Clennell told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“It’s quite possible, could change the outcome of the election maybe if they’re not able to get on the road or out to campaign when there’s a close election.

“Just shows the sort of world that we’re living in.”

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