Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Minister for Women Marise Payne were also on hand at the exchange between Ms Archer and Mr Morrison.
It is understood the meeting was not a formal dressing down and was motivated by the Prime Minister wanting to know what had prompted Ms Archer to make the decision and “what the problem was”.
A source told Sky News Australia it was a “frank exchange” between Mr Morrison and Ms Archer, which the Prime Minister rejected when probed about the incident at a press conference on Friday.
“That’s not how I would describe it at all,” he told reporters.
“It was a very warm and friendly and supportive meeting. Bridget is a close friend and colleague and I wanted to ensure that she was being supported.”
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Scott Morrison says his meeting with Liberal MP Bridget Archer was ‘very warm and friendly and supportive’. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage
Liberal MP Bridget Archer has defended her right to cross the floor after she broke ranks with the Morrison Government on Thursday over proposed anti-corruption legislation.
The meeting took place after Ms Archer called on MPs on Thursday morning to vote on whether to suspend standing orders to allow the house to discuss anti-corruption legislation put forward by independent MP Helen Haines.
Chaos followed Ms Archer’s motion when newly-appointed Speaker of the House Andrew Wallace incorrectly declared the vote had passed despite failing to secure an absolute majority vote in favour of the motion.
An absolute majority of 76 votes or more in favour of the bill was required, meaning the Morrison Government avoided defeat, and with many members of the House absent due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ms Archer’s motion did not pass and the debate did not go ahead.
The botched vote also saw a break in COVID-19 protocols, with the House agreeing to walk across the chamber to vote a second time, an action suspended during the pandemic due to the risk of spreading the disease.
‘A true Liberal’: Bridget Archer MP crosses floor to support integrity commission
Asked about the tone of the meeting with Ms Archer, Mr Morrison on Friday said their exchange was “very encouraging and positive”.
“Bridget and I are close colleagues and and we have a very good friendship,” he added.
“I was pleased to be there with Senator Payne and Josh Frydenberg and be there to support Bridget.”
Sky News Australia also understands Ms Archer received a right of reply in discussion with the Prime Minister and the pair shook hands at the end of their meeting.
Liberal MP breaks ranks over federal ICAC bill
Ms Archer stood firm on her decision and defended her right to cross the floor, saying:“My vote can never be taken for granted”. 
Her decision to cross the floor received the praise of Ms Haine’s, who heralded Ms Archer as heroic for the move.
“She walked across the aisle to vote for integrity in this parliament,” she told reporters. “She is truly a hero”.
Ms Haines’ motion to debate her bill was supported 66-64 in the House but was ultimately unsuccessful due to the COVID-19 technicality.
“Right now, if we were not under the absolute majority pandemic rules, we would be debating and voting on my bill,” she said.

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