Mr Littleproud was asked about Ms Palaszczuk’s claim the federal government wants “Queenslanders to get COVID for Christmas” during an interview with Sky News Australia on Thursday morning.
The Queensland Premier’s comments came following a stoush with Health Minister Greg Hunt about the testing requirements to enter the Sunshine State from interstate when border restrictions ease next month.
Mr Littleproud told host Peter Stefanovic, “We’re not going to enter into these childish games”, claiming Ms Palaszczuk was in cahoots with Mr Albanese ahead of the federal election.
Deputy Leader of the Nationals David Littleproud has accused Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese of trying to “pick a fight” with the Commonwealth government. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage
“The people of Queensland and the Australian people just want us to be adults, to get on with the job, to look after them,” the Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia said.
“It’s funny that for the last 18 months we’ve been able to work happily and harmoniously together, particularly around these PCR tests, there’s been and agreement in place for over 18 months but now all of a sudden we’ve got a problem in Queensland, only in Queensland.
“I think it’s more to do with politics and about a federal election and about helping out Anthony Albanese than it is about anything else.”
Queensland will allow fully vaccinated travellers in from New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory without a quarantine requirement when the state hits the 80 per cent double dose target, expected in early December.
But travellers will have to return a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their arrival into Queensland.
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk claimed the federal government wants “Queenslanders to get COVID for Christmas”. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled
Ms Palaszczuk had indicated arrivals into the state would be required to fork out $145 for the test and a certificate and called on the federal government to cover the cost during a press conference on Tuesday.
Mr Hunt replied on Twitter that evening and confirmed a free text message would suffice, demanding Ms Palaszczuk apologise for “the unnecessary stress she has caused to Queenslanders and those planning to travel there”.
“The Commonwealth has always funded 50 per cent of the cost of the PCR tests, as outlined in the Agreement the Premier signed on 13 March 2020,” he said.
Ms Palaszczuk again on Wednesday told reporters it was her belief she only discovered Queenslanders could access free tests on Tuesday, “when the statement was issued by the federal government”.
Probed further on whether the confusion was about “playing politics”, the Premier vehemently insisted it was not.
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese arrives is seen in November. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Daniel Pockett
“No, no no no, this is a backflip by the federal government, this is about singling out Queensland, this is about the federal election,” she said.
“Why does the federal government want Queenslanders to get COVID for Christmas? They wanted to scrap the PCR test, I’m glad they saw the light and I’m glad everything has been resolved.”
Mr Littleproud said he did not want to continue to give the back-and-forth “oxygen”.
“I think the Queensland people see it for what it is and I don’t think we need to keep giving it oxygen because I think all that does is play into the business model of Annastacia Palaszczuk and Anthony Albanese,” he said.
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Palaszczuk: Commonwealth wants Queenslanders to get COVID for Christmas
“They want to pick a fight with the federal government, that’s what they want to do.
“They want us to lose and the only way to do that is to pick a fight with us, to try and bring us down to their level and the best thing we can do is just simply stick to our values and principles, stick to what we’ve promised and what we delivered over the last 18 months.
“It’s worked everywhere else around the country, it’s funny how it just hasn’t happened to work in Queensland. That’s on Annastacia Palaszczuk.”
The Agriculture Minister added he is happy to work with the state government  “collaboratively” to “make sure Queensland comes out of this”.
He added he wants to travel from Canberra to his home in Queensland “quickly” as he can.

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