An SBS documentary has inadvertently shown how conservatives are more likely to do voluntary work than those on the left, according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

Mr Bolt referred to an SBS documentary about three celebrities – which featured conservative Sky News contributor Caleb Bond and NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong – spending a couple of days with people living on welfare to see how tough it was.

Mr Bolt said Mr Bond found himself living in a “bombshell” house with a single mother and four children – but he immediately rolled up his sleeves and cleaned, cooked, did the laundry, groceries as well as lending a “sympathetic ear” to the family.

He said Ms Leong, who has “a good heart”, was the only participant who was not shown to give her assigned home practical help – a house ridden with a lot of cockroaches, mould, and inhabited by a woman suffering with a degenerative illness.

“What she did do was pass on the responsibility of helping this woman to the state – she called on to another MP, the local MP, to come and help this woman instead,” Mr Bolt said.

“But the real difference … is about the culture of the left – looking to the state – while conservative culture is to look to the individual and take personal responsibility.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with Herald Sun journalist Caleb Bond who said he hoped SBS and the production team learnt that conservatives can be just as compassionate as those on the left.

“It’s not as though the left has a monopoly on caring about people – and they like to think they do,” Mr Bond told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

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