Mr Gunner directly addressed the overseas viewers tuning into his daily COVID-19 update on Thursday and swiftly advised them to “get a life”.
“I know we are very aware of the huge amount of misinformation spreading online in the last few days,” he said.
“I don’t really want to lean into the lies that are being spread although given these press conferences genuinely get spiced up by international trolls, hello to all the conspiracy theorists overseas watching this, please get a life.”
Chief Minister Michael Gunner delivered a stern message to “international trolls” during his COVID-19 update on Thursday.
Mr Gunner made the comments after announcing one additional COVID-19 case in the Top End, which takes the territory’s cluster to 52.
The Chief Minister said he did not want to give the trolls “more oxygen” because “their lies are dangerous”.
He said he is aware of the “ridiculous” and “untrue” rumours about the ADF’s involvement in the territory.
“As we all know, they aren’t carrying weapons, they are carrying fresh food for people,” he said.
Mr Gunner said the misinformation spreading online “overwhelmingly” comes from people who don’t live in Australia and is mostly coming from America, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Northern Territory’s COVID-19 cluster continues to grow
“99.99 per cent of the BS that is flying around the internet is coming from flogs outside the territory,” he said.
“People who have nothing better to do than to make up lies about us because their own lives are so small and so sad.”
The Chief Minister reiterated the territory does not need to listen to the trolls as “we are trying to protect the oldest continuous living culture on the planet”.
“We have tens of thousands of years of history, lore, custom and songs to keep alive,” he said.
“And if anybody thinks we are going to be distracted or intimidated by tinfoil hat-wearing tossers sitting in their parents’ basements in Florida, you do not know us Territorians.”
The fresh case reported in the Northern Territory on Thursday is a teenager from the remote community of Binjari who was previously identified as a close contact.

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