Sky News host Paul Murray says the leftist media is already “spiking the ball” and declaring victory for the Labor Party.

“In American football there’s a thing called spiking the ball,” he said.

“This is when you get a touchdown but you really rub it into your opponent’s face by grabbing the ball and slamming it as hard as you can into the ground.

“They used to actually penalise and fine people for such showboating but that is exactly what the Labor Party and the lefty media in Canberra are currently doing because they think the current government is done.

“That’s the territory that we’re into for the next few months where every image, moment on the news will be sued to achieve the narrative, the narrative that you have already decided.

“Now just as I believed two years ago, three years ago, I believe tonight. You have not decided yet.

“Nothing is inevitable, be it the return or the removal of the government.

“It’s up to you, not these people in Canberra.”

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