Spiked Online’s Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill says Boris Johnson’s act as a “loveable bumbler” is now “crossing a line into unprofessionalism”.

It comes after the British prime minster seemed to lose his way in a recent speech.

“You’d think the prime minister of the United Kingdom would be able to ad-lib,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“I think for Boris, what’s happening is his unspun act, his act as a kind of bumbling toff, a bit all over the place, a bit scatty – people liked that for a while but now it’s kind of crossing a line into unprofessionalism.

“And I think a lot of people will have watched that speech this week and thought to themselves: is Boris really just a loveable bumbler or is he someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing?

“And I think once the public start asking that question Boris could be in a bit of trouble.

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