Civil rights activist Al Sharpton says the conviction of the three men who gunned down Ahmaud Arbery proves that “black lives do matter”.

Speaking outside court on Wednesday, Reverend Sharpton said: “Let us thank all of the people that believed and let us, more than anything, thank the mother and father of Ahmaud – they lost a son, but their son will go down in history as one that proved that if you hold on, that justice can come”.

“Let the word go forth all over the world that a jury of 11 whites and one black, in the Deep South, stood up in the courtroom and said that black lives do matter.

“Let it be clear that … God used Wanda and Marcus’ son to prove that if we kept marching, and kept fighting, we would make you hear us.

“We got a lot more battles to fight, but this was an important battle today.”

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