The United States looks like being “rudderless” for the next three years while Joe Biden is president, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

The White House claims President Biden will run for leadership again in 2024.

It is likely to be another match against former President Donald Trump as he “sounds every bit like” he is set to run again in 2024.

“When it comes to the national economy and the broader political debate, Biden faces concerns about fuel prices right across the US, inflation in general, and problems with fuel security and supply chains right across the US,” Mr Kenny said.

“It’s a disturbing situation really for a first world nation, a president reduced not only to talking about these issues trying to reassure the public, but having to read this stuff out, word for word, in a most unconvincing fashion.

“Just mind-numbing stuff, isn’t it?

“The US looks like being rudderless for the next three years, we should worry, all of us, no matter who we support.”

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