Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell has run through the seats that at this point in time are seen as deciders in the federal election.

“With such a thin margin in the parliament already for the government, both sides are talking up the prospects of seat gains,” Mr Clennell said.

“Labor needs five seats for a chance of minority government and eight to win majority.

“Here are the likely eight if Labor were to win eight – Reid, Chisholm, Swan, Hasluck, Pearce, Higgins, Longman and Flynn.

“Now even the government expects to lose at least a couple of these so they know they have to make gains.

“Here are the seats the Liberals hope to win at the moment – Gilmore, Lyons, Macquarie and Dobell.

“I could add others like Shortland or Lilley but earlier in the year those sort of seats looked more possible than they do now.”

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