The reopening of international borders has revived concerns over migration with a new survey revealing 58 per cent of voters back restarting it at lower levels than before the pandemic.

Property Council of Australia CEO Ken Morrison says population growth underpins the property industry.

“HomeBuilder and the other stimulus measures were designed to build a bridge to get us to the other side, and that other side meant back to a normal level of population growth was underpinning what is a very important industry,” Mr Morrison told Sky News Australia.

He said more than 1.4 million people work in the property industry around the country which is “more than mining and manufacturing combined”.

“So we certainly want to see this very important industry be able to continue, and that’s going to mean getting back to normal because the sort of stimulus and pull-forward that have come through HomeBuilder can’t last forever,” he said.

“It’s been tremendously successful but we do need that bridge to the other side.”

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