The Australian’s Foreign Affairs Editor Greg Sheridan says the need for the Morrison government’s religious discrimination bill is “a sign of the breakdown of common sense” in Australian society.

“Now one of the things that this will provide for is that religious schools can hire their co-religionists if they wish,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“I’ve been involved in a million Catholic schools; they always have some non-Catholic teachers, and they always have plenty of non-Catholic students.

“But a religious school, be it Catholic or Islamic or Evangelical or anything else has to be able to hire a certain core of its own co-religionists in order to teach its own faith.

“Now, you would think that this is just common sense, but the need for this legislation is a sign of the breakdown of common sense in our society.

“So, in protecting that right, I think it’s good, and in protecting the right of making a normal religious statement, it’s good.”

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