The jury has begun deliberations in the trial of those accused over the murder of 25-year-old black man Ahmaud Arbery.

Gregory and Travis McMichael and a third man – their neighbour – are charged with the murder of Mr Arbery – who was chased down and killed in a Georgia neighbourhood in February 2020 while jogging.

The defendants claim Mr Arbery had committed a crime and had killed him out of self-defence after attempting a citizen’s arrest.

Meanwhile, prosecutors argue the trio committed the murder with racist intent.

Sky News US Contributor Michael Ware says America is having a “legal reckoning with itself”.

“It seems like a weird week here because it’s as if America is having a legal reckoning with itself, a slew of trials that are touching upon the themes of guns, race and this notion of self-defence,” he told Sky News Australia.

“America is now pensive and waiting to see what this jury ultimately decides.”

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