“I’m absolutely delighted its been sorted out,” she told reporters at a doorstop on Wednesday afternoon.
“The federal government wanted to scrap PCR tests altogether, that was never going to be what we desired because PCR tests actually keep Queenslanders safe.”
Ms Palaszczuk’s response to the PCR test debate came after Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt stepped in to confirm travellers heading to the Sunshine State would not be required to fork out $150 for a certificate to prove a negative test result as a text message result would suffice.
Mr Hunt also demanded an apology from the Queensland Premier for making a “false claim” that the federal government had just now moved to split the cost of the test, which is a requirement for anyone wanting to travel to the state.
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she is pleased the Commonwealth finally ‘saw the light’ and has resolved the issue of PCR test funding. Picture: NCA NewsWire / John Gass
Health Minister Greg Hunt has demanded an apology from the Queensland Premier over a ‘false claim’ the federal government had not previously committed to help bear the cost of PCR tests. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage
Ms Palaszczuk again on Wednesday told reporters it was her belief she only discovered Queenslanders could access free tests on Tuesday, “when the statement was issued by the federal government”.
Probed further on whether the confusion was about “playing politics”, the Premier vehemently insisted it was not.
“No, no no no, this is a backflip by the federal government, this is about singling out Queensland, this is about the federal election,” she said.
“Why does the federal government want Queenslanders to get COVID for Christmas? They wanted to scrap the PCR test, I’m glad they saw the light and I’m glad everything has been resolved.” 
Palaszczuk ‘got lost’ and then tried to ‘cover up’ on PCR testing
The fallout between Ms Palaszczuk and Mr Hunt was sparked by a failure on Queensland’s part to clarify whether travellers to the state would need a certificate showing proof of a negative test result – which would incur a cost of $150 – or if a text message would be enough. 
The Premier on Wednesday thanked Mr Hunt for his “commitment” to funding tests for Queenslanders arriving into the state from COVID-19 hotspots.
The Health Minister, however, dismissed Ms Palaszczuk’s gratitude, tweeting the Commonwealth “has always funded 50 per cent of the cost of the PCR tests” dating back to an agreement signed by the Premiers on March 13, 2020.
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Steven Miles quizzed over Premier Palaszczuk’s whereabouts
The Premier’s claim to victory on the matter also came after Deputy Premier Steven Miles was questioned on whether Ms Palaszczuk was “in hiding” as she did not appear at a press conference update in Caboolture on Wednesday.
It was put to Mr Miles that he had been left to “clean up this mess”, to which he responded “I was always scheduled to make a really important announcement here about Caboolture.”
Probed further on Ms Palaszczuk’s whereabouts, Mr Miles directed the reporter to inquire to her office.
“But it’s not unusual for me to be the minister addressing the press conference and giving the COVID update, I’ve done a few of them now,” he added.
QLD-federal government spat proves Palaszczuk doesn’t want borders reopened
Ms Palaszczuk on Wednesday also accused the Morrison Government of deliberately targeting Queensland and the other Labor state governments in the lead-up to next year’s federal election, highlighting PCR tests were a condition of entry to other states across the nation. 
“Now I’m sick of this, I’m sick of Queensland being singled out when the PCR tests are required across the country, and as we said the other day, as I said yesterday, the NSW Premier talked about putting that on the National Cabinet agenda… I was fully supportive of that as well,” she pointed out.
“We need to have a bit more national consistency when it comes to these issues.
“Obviously the federal government have a few diversions at the moment, there’s a bit of a mess in Canberra, they can’t control their numbers. If you can’t control your own party how can you actually run the nation.
“There’s a federal election coming and of course federal election means Queensland gets singled out, Western Australia gets singled out or Victoria gets singled out.”

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