The Tasmanian politician said she was overwhelmed by calls from “right wing nut jobs” after Mr Roberts posted her number to his private Facebook page.
“I want an apology,” she told ABC News Breakfast on Wednesday morning. “You did the wrong thing, mate, you put my number up there.”
Ms Lambie accused Mr Roberts of setting a “whole new low” for Australian politics and labelled the content of the calls and text messages she had received “quite disgusting”.
“It is a really low act with what you’ve done with the heightened tensions going on out there and quite frankly, you disgust me,” she said.
“They have … no caller ID on, so they are quite disgusting … swearing at me and calling me every word under the sun.
“It is not the Australian way and very uncalled for … being a politician you do get abuse at times and things like that, but to be smacked down like I was for most of the day yesterday, it was just disgusting.”
Mr Roberts shared a screenshot of Ms Lambie’s number after she opposed One Nation legislation to ban vaccine mandates in Australia.
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The screenshot, which has since been removed from the post, showed a text from Ms Lambie to a constituent who claimed they had found the number on the Tasmanian Senator’s Facebook page.
Her number was first posted on Facebook by One Nation’s candidate in Tasmania, Steve Mav, and later re-shared by Mr Roberts.
Mr Roberts has not yet apologised for sharing Ms Lambie’s mobile number and told the Senate on Tuesday Ms Lambie was “running scared and playing victim and misrepresenting the circumstances.”
He shared screenshots of multiple instances where Ms Lambie posted her own number to Facebook a few years earlier.
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“Jacqui Lambie is being dishonest, saying that her safety was threatened by the publication of her number,” he said. 
“This number was published previously by Jacqui on her own Facebook page multiple times inviting people to contact her.”
On Tuesday Ms Lambie said she often gave her number to returned soldiers who were struggling with mental health conditions.
“Those veterans know they can call me any time of the day or night if they need somebody to listen to them,” she said.
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“It goes without saying it is completely unacceptable to leak other senators’ personal contact details to the public, just because you don’t like what they’re saying.”
It comes after Ms Lambie has slammed Pauline Hanson’s claim that vaccines amount to “discrimination” in a fiery tirade in Parliament on Monday morning.
The bill was defeated five votes to 44 in the upper house despite five Coalition Senators choosing to cross the floor and vote against the Morrison Government.
Ahead of the vote Ms Lambie issued a scathing critique against the One Nation Leader, accusing her of seeking to “profit” from her decision to frame vaccine mandates as discriminatory.
“It’s all about cash, it’s all about power – it’s all about One Nation seats,” she told the Senate. “If you want to champion against discrimination, you don’t want One Nation.”

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