She blasted the Morrison Government for “incompetence” and said she was looking forward to the Coalition losing their majority at next year’s federal election.
“You are finished in the next election. You’re gone,” Senator Lambie said. “You’re finished in Tasmania. I reckon your two seats are gone. They’re completely gone.
“And I look forward to doing that. I look forward to running my own candidates in those seats, and passing those preferences where they deserve to go – not to political liars.”
Coalition needs a ‘lean clean’ Religious Discrimination Bill for it to be passed
Ms Lambie then directed her brutal critique at Mr Morrison, accusing the embattled leader of failing to deliver on many of his election promises.
She doubled down on the Coalition’s failure to establish a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption in particular.
“[The Liberal National Coalition] have gone from one prime minister to another and this is the worst one on record,” she said.
“He’s incompetent. He’s not a leader and I’m enjoying watching him and you fall apart.”
Lambie: Commonwealth must act now to bolster national security against China
“It’s been 1076 days since the PM stood up and told the country they’d get an integrity commission in this term of parliament,” she said.
“He told us that he was committed to getting it done – another lie.”
Ms Lambie’s tirade came after legislation for an ICAC body put forward by independent MP Helen Haine’s was narrowly defeated by Labor and the Crossbench.
Mr Morrison has faced mounting pressure to establish an anti-corruption body from Labor in addition to independent senators.
Net zero plan should have been sorted ‘a long time ago’: Lambie
Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said the clock is still ticking on the 2019 election promise.
More than three years have passed since the Morrison government vowed to establish a watchdog to investigate government corruption in the lead-up to the last federal election.
The surprise resignation of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian last month prompted Mr Albanese to call once again for the government to establish a body to hold politicians to account.
“It is now more than 1,000 days since Scott Morrison promised to have a national anti-corruption body. Well, tick-tock Mr Morrison – we need a national Anti-Corruption Commission,” he said at the time
He accused Mr Morrison of “refusing” to apply the same integrity demonstrated by Ms Berejiklian when she decided to step down from the premiership.

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