Liberal Senator Eric Abetz says the removal of Thomas Jefferson’s statue from City Hall in New York City is a “great disservice” to the current generation of young people.

The statue of the Founding Father and third President of the United States was in place in New York’s City Hall for 187 years before it was recently pulled down due to his ownership of slaves.

“One of these days a future generation might condemn the current prime minister because he drove a petrol-guzzling motor vehicle, or Zali Steggall might be condemned because she didn’t have an electric car when she could have had,” Mr Abetz told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

He said Thomas Jefferson has made “great contributions,” including the United States’ Declaration of Independence.

“That declaration … so succinct, so powerful, so inspirational, and now he’s being basically scrubbed from history – cancelled from history, it’s unacceptable.

“And the people that are driving this are doing a great disservice not only to the history, but to the current generation of young people who will no longer be taught their historical roots.”

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