Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is “confident” about Australia’s economic future as the country starts to open up under the national plan but he is not “naïve” to global threats on the economy.

“Australia is opening up, Australians are looking forward, I am confident about Australia’s economic future, but I am not naïve to the threats that are present in the global economy, and indeed that we’re confronting with here in Australia, and I know that we have to work hard to secure this economic recovery,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison said economic management has “never been more important” and Australians have “worked so hard” throughout the COVID pandemic to secure a low fatality rate and high vaccination rates.

“We must ensure we secure that economic recovery and that’s why we are the party not just of lower taxes but lower taxes that are legislated and in just the last three months, some $10 billion and more of tax relief provided and delivered to Australians,” he said.

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