Liberal MP Dave Sharma says he welcomes the competition in his seat of Wentworth with Allegra Spender announcing she will contest the seat as an independent.

Wentworth is set to be a key seat in the upcoming federal election, with Mr Sharma currently holding the electorate at a margin of 1.3 per cent.

It was previously held by independent MP Dr Kerryn Phelps who won the seat in a by-election after long-serving member Malcolm Turnbull was ousted as Prime Minister and resigned from Parliament in 2018.

“I’m from the party of competition, so of course I welcome other challengers and other candidates,” Mr Sharma told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“We get a better result and a better democracy as a result.”

Mr Sharma said he believed Ms Spender, who is the daughter of late Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti, was selected by a body which supports activist group GetUp.

“I know the people who run the Wentworth independents, which is the body that selected Allegra Spender as their candidate – I think one of them gave to GetUp in the last election cycle,” he said.

“The sort of people who are involved in these campaigns have got a history of having opposed Coalition policies and Coalition sitting members going back some time now.

“I think you just need to look at where these candidates are popping up in predominately metropolitan seats and they’re all campaigns directed at Coalition MPs, Liberal MPs.”

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