Fair minded people would say they held the shop together well enough. In style and substance, they were all vastly preferable to Donald Trump.
The jury is still out on what kind of President Joe Biden will be. He hasn’t yet reached a full year in office.
But it’s clear that he is no spring chicken. He may not even seek a second term. If the Democrats want to keep the White House, they might not want him to do so.
Biden was the antidote to Trump. Biden was in the US Congress for so long, he was like slipping on a familiar dressing gown and feeling comfortable.
By comparison, Trump’s presidency was like an all night dance party.
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My guest on Global Focus on Sky News this week, former Republican Congressman from Tennessee, Zach Wamp, put it this way: “A big slice of the electorate was tired of him (Trump), tired of him dominating the news cycle, tired of him always talking about himself, tired of him treating people poorly.”
Wamp is convinced if the Democrats don’t move Biden on, the American people certainly will. He is sure that Biden won because he was facing Trump, not because the voters dislike Republican policies.
He points out that in an election where the Republican President lost by eight million votes, the Republican Party picked up fifteen seats from Democrats in the House of Representatives.
Trump was the first one term president since 1992. Biden may well have at least one thing in common with Trump. The last two one term President’s to follow each other were in the nineteenth century.
It’s as rare as hen’s teeth.
Kamala Harris the ‘most unpopular person’ in American politics
Here in Australia we have the impression that Republican politics in the United States is all about Trump. In fact, the Republican Party is already looking past Trump to greener pastures.
Wamp was the Chairman of the Presidential nomination campaign of Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, he is well credentialed to discuss the possible Republican candidates for President in 2024.
After the debacle in Afghanistan, Wamp is optimistic about the future for America: “We need a new generation of leadership. So the good news for the world is the new generation leadership is emerging and their strong and they’re capable and they’re experienced.”
He cites Congressman Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (Texas), Governor Ron De Santis of Florida, Congresswoman Nancy Mace (South Carolina), former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina), all as comers in this new generation.
‘Crisis by design’ under President Joe Biden
As Wamp says, “They are extraordinary. They have military experience. They know the world. They’re tough as nails. They’re strong leaders.”
Wamp believes “a lot of people are looking past this administration now”, he is also of the opinion that “people are moving beyond Donald Trump, so while he still has a huge influence in the Party, he is not the Party.”
Wamp doesn’t believe Trump will run for President again.
While he will campaign for some candidates in the mid term elections for the Senate and the House of Representatives and achieve successes, Trump’s role will be as king or queen maker, not as a candidate.
Such an outcome will come as a rude shock to most of the rest of the commentariat who talk endlessly about Trump.
What will they do if they don’t have Donald Trump to kick around anymore (to paraphrase Richard Nixon)? They might have to learn some new names.
On the Democrat side of the aisle, if Biden isn’t a runner, then it will be an open field.
Biden and the Democrats are bracing for a ‘massive’ red wave
No doubt Vice President Kamala Harris will run. She will almost certainly be challenged by the moderate Democrat Transport Secretary, Pete Buttigieg.
Others already being speculated about include Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey), Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) and the perennial progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts).
While Harris should be a strong candidate, she isn’t. The Vice President has looked out of her depth and struggling with the difficult policy issues she has been gifted by Biden.
Stories are appearing in the Washington media that she has been sidelined by the White House and is not seen as a safe pair of hands.
If true, it’s early days for a Vice President to be white anted by White House insiders and suggests she will not be anointed in the event that Biden calls it quits.
Election year 2024 Biden will be his 82nd year. Who would blame him if he retires gracefully?
He’s done the most important thing he could do already – beaten the worst United States President in living memory.
Hon Christopher Pyne is a former Minister for Defence and long serving Member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament.
Watch Global Focus with Christopher Pyne each Sunday at 5:30pm AEDT on Sky News Australia. Watch on Foxtel and stream on Flash.

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