Sky News host Sharri Markson says Cricket Australia’s admission it mishandled the Tim Paine sexting scandal may be a “reflection of how society has changed” in the past four years.

It comes as Tim Paine has resigned as captain of the Australian men’s Test cricket team over a sexting scandal which he was previously cleared for.

“The body (Cricket Australia) exonerated Paine at the time, finding the sexting exchange with a Cricket Australia employee in Tasmania was consensual,” Ms Markson said.

“But now the body has changed its tune and said he should have faced the consequences at the time.

“The questions remains though, if Cricket Australia cleared him at the time, saying the messages were consensual, then why have they now said that he should have resigned?

“This could be a reflection of how society has changed in just four short years.

“There’s less tolerance now for inappropriate behaviour and sexual misconduct towards women.”

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