Sky News host Paul Murray says Australians “can’t trust” Anthnoy Albanese until he reveals his net zero by 2030 target.

“Anthony Albanese has said that while he won’t have a number right now, he will work with countries like the United States to match their commitments when it comes to net zero by 2050 and a target by 2030,” Mr Murray said.

“So what is the United States’ target? Well according to Joe Biden it is a 50 per cent target by 2030.

“Remember current Australian policy is 27 per cent, Bill Shorten was rejected roundly at 45 per cent, yet Albo says we should make climate the focus of the relationship with the United States and we should kind of match what they’re doing.

“This is why we call him each-way-Albo. He wants to go further than Shorten but won’t tell you now because you might get annoyed with him.

“The reality is, if he’s not going to tell you now, you can’t trust him.”

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