The COVID-19 vaccine has also been mandated with residents told they need to roll their sleeves up for a jab from February 1, 2020, as the nation has one of the lowest rates anywhere in Western Europe at just under 65 per cent double dosed.
Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced close to nine million people will need to go into lockdown from Monday for at least 10 days. The government will assess the situation before deciding whether it needed to be extended.
It would be increased to a maximum of 20 days if coronavirus figures and fatalities did not decline.
The COVID-19 vaccine will be mandates in Austria from next year as the country is plunged into a lockdown following the past seven days of more than 10,000 cases. Picture: Askin Kiyagan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Under the measures, all students will need to learn from home with some schools open for face-to-face education, but parents have been urged to keep their children in the house.
Austrians will be asked to work from home, majority of stores in the country will be closed and planned events have been cancelled or rescheduled.
“We do not want a fifth wave. Nor do we want a sixth or seventh,” Mr Schallenberg said after meeting the governors of the country’s nine provinces.
Despite campaigns and ministers pushing the vaccine, Mr Schallenberg suggested “too many politician forces, flimsy vaccination opponents and fakes news” as the reason to the low vaccination numbers.
WHO: Europe the ‘epicentre’ of COVID-19
For the past seven days, the county has reported more than 10,000 new infections each day.
Hospitalisations and deaths have also increased with 11,961 people dying with COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Chancellor said the details of the mandate would be finalised in coming weeks and those who continued to refused the jab could be fined.
“For a long time, the consensus in this country was that we didn’t want mandatory vaccination,” Mr Schallenberg said.
“For a long time, perhaps too long.”
Neighbouring countries such as Germany have seen record coronavirus cases. Picture: Maja Hitij/Getty Images
Just days ago the Austrian government announced a lockdown only for those who were unvaccinated.
Other countries surrounding Austria are concerned for their own countries.
Germany has seen several days of record cases. Bavaria, which borders Austria, has declared a “de factor lockdown for the unvaccinated”, meaning bars and clubs will be closed for three weeks and Christmas markets cancelled.
The Netherlands introduced a partial lockdown last weekend while Slovakia announced a lockdown for the unvaccinated will start on Monday.

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