The Duchess of Sussex stunned street vendors – and seemingly stepped further away from the Royal Family’s image by showing a cheekier side – when she browsed their stalls outside the Warner Bros. Studios.
The 40-year-old wore an earpiece as part of the stunt and was filmed by hidden cameras as TV host Ellen DeGeneres told her what to say and do.
DeGeneres said the hidden camera piece with Ms Markle “was one of my favourite things in 19 seasons” of the high-profile US talk show.
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Ms Markle first stopped at a stall selling crystals and proceeded to rub her hands across the objects scattered across the table.
“I have healing powers,” the Duchess told the salesperson before asking, “Can you feel my powers?”
DeGeneres then ordered Ms Markle to pick up one of the crystals, hold it to her head and say, “let’s just be quiet for a second”.
The next stall was selling hot sauce and Ms Markle was advised to ask for a taster.
Meghan Markle and Ellen DeGeneres pranked street vendors for the final season of the latter’s high-profile US talk show. Picture: The Ellen Show
“Let mummy taste some,” she told the man behind the stall.
“My boo loves hot sauce so.”
DeGeneres told the Duchess to bounce up and down in excitement and then to nibble on the cracker lathered in hot sauce “like a chipmunk”.
“Let me try something real hot, mummy wants some heat,” she said before trying another sauce.
DeGeneres ordered Ms Markle to drink milk as part of the stunt. Picture: The Ellen Show
After trying a third hot sauce, Ms Markle was advised to suck back milk in a baby’s bottle that DeGeneres planted in her handbag.
“I’m feeling hot, mummy get the milk out of my purse,” she said.
The third vendor was selling cookies and Ms Markle was again instructed to eat the sweet like a chipmunk.
She then treated the female seller to a rendition of a performance she claimed to do for her kids.
Ms Markle and a producer also performed for a salesperson. Picture: The Ellen Show
Ms Markle, along with one of the shows’ producers using the fictional name Pwamma, donned cat ears and began to sing, “I’m a kitten, mew mew mew. You’re a kitten, mew mew mew.”   
The pair also displayed their hands like paws as they continued to perform for the seller before DeGeneres appeared and announced the series of events was part of a prank.
Pwamma had earlier advised the vendors the Duchess of Sussex would like to do some shopping at their stalls.
“I am executive assistant to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and she’s here today and would love to just shop normally,” she told the salespeople.
Ms Markle’s surprise appearance on The Ellen Show came nine months after she dropped bombshells during a sit-down chat with Oprah Winfrey.
A sneak-peak of Ms Markle in the studio with DeGeneres was released ahead of the full interview going to air in the US on Thursday.
The teaser was captioned: “A lot has changed since the last time Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, was on the Warner Brothers lot.”
The interview is part of Season 19 of The Ellen Show, “Ellen’s Farewell Season”.
DeGeneres announced in May the long-running show would end after she was last year accused of creating a “toxic” workplace.
Ms Markle, who moved to the US with Prince Harry and son Archie at the beginning of 2020, made bombshell allegations about the royal family in her interview with Winfrey, which aired back in March.
She alleged a member of the family expressed “concerns” about Archie’s skin colour ahead of his birth and the former Suits actress said she was suicidal during her time in duty but was denied help from the palace.
The sit-down chat with DeGeneres also marks Ms Markle’s first high-profile public interview since giving birth to daughter Lilibet in June.
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