Speaking to reporters at a COVID-19 press conference on Friday, Mr Miles aired caution over giving “too much oxygen” to what he considered Mr Morrison’s “very dangerous views” before launching an attack on the Prime Minister’s comments.
Mr Morrison on Thursday said the Commonwealth supported mandating COVID-19 vaccinations in certain areas, such as health care, but was not in favour of governments imposing compulsory jabs.
“Businesses can make their own choices on the law but we aren’t about telling them what to do or Australians what to do,” he said.
“As we get above 80 per cent in particular, which the scientific advice shows us and the research showed us, that means Australians can have their lives back.”
Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles has accused Defence Minister Peter Dutton of privately attempting ‘undermining’ the Prime Minister. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled
Scott Morrison has told state Premiers it is time for them to ‘step back’ from interfering with Australians’ lives – which has drawn aggressive criticism from Queensland. Picture: Rohan Thomson/Getty Images
Speaking to the Prime Minister’s remarks, Mr Miles accused Mr Morrison of having “always hated our [Queensland] efforts to save lives”.
“But let’s look at how effective they’ve been,” he continued.
“Since June, more than 1,000 people … have died linked to that Sydney outbreak, and let’s not forget the Prime Minister’s responsibility for the start of that outbreak. In that same time, no people have died form COVID in Queensland – zero.”
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More than 83 per cent of Queenslanders aged 16 and over have had their first jab
The Deputy Premier also noted Mr Morrison had singled out Queensland over the tough restrictions to be imposed on the unvaccinated once the state hits the 80 per cent double dose vaccination mark, at which point residents who have not received two doses of a vaccine will have their present freedoms stripped.
“He [Morrison] made that statement yesterday where he criticised Queensland and specifically mentioned Brisbane, in Sydney where you have to be vaccinated to get a cup of coffee … well perhaps it’s not surprising, that again he singles out Queensland while ignoring the fact that similar restrictions operate in his home city.”
Mr Miles further pointed out journalists were required to be fully vaccinated to be allowed at the Prime Minister’s press conferences.
“Why should a barista in Brisbane be less safe at work than the Prime Minster at one of his press conferences at his home in Sydney?” he questioned.
Defence Minister Petter Dutton has suggested Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk broke an agreement not to impose vaccine mandates. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage
Defence Minister Peter Dutton backed in the Prime Minister’s comments on Friday morning, indicating some state leaders had broken the pact agreed to in the national plan.
“At the time of the agreement the Premiers entered into … they decided they weren’t going to mandate vaccinations,” he told 4BC radio.
“So they weren’t going to hold people down to get to 100 per cent, you wanted to encourage people through a voluntary program to achieve as close to 100 per cent as possible.
“And the Prime Minister and the Premier, to their mutual credit they all pushed right around the country really pushed that message hard.
“The plan was that once we got to 80 per cent we would have to live with COVID and we cannot lock ourselves down forever, the mental health issues that arise, the domestic violence, the missed opportunities … we can’t live like that forever and so the agreement that Premier Palaszczuk signed up to was at 80 per cent we would have to move into a new phase to live with it.”
Husic: Scott Morrison ‘playing politics’ by criticising Queensland vaccine laws
Responding to the Defence Minister, Mr Miles on Friday sought to expose the fake relationship he claimed existed between the Prime Minister and Mr Dutton.
“I’m not surprised Peter Dutton is doing his best to not be seen to be undermining the Prime Minister, because I think behind the scenes he’s doing his best to undermine the Prime Minister,” he told reporters.
Asked whether he was concerned about terms such as “segregation” being thrown around in relation to the unvaccinated population, Mr Miles stressed it was “about rewards”.
“This is about saying to people that’ve gone and got vaccinated that they are rewarded for doing the right thing … and that reward is not to have to have restrictions when they go to non-essential venues.” 
He claimed the Morrison Government had “at different times” supported the vaccine mandates but “now, for whatever reason, they’ve decided in the last 24 hours to say otherwise, again trying to undermine our health response.” 
Steven Miles ‘unhinged’ in response to Scott Morrison
“They don’t like the contrast, they don’t like that in Queensland there is about as fewer COVID cases as anywhere else in the world, while in NSW, Victoria, the ACT and New Zealand more than a thousand people have died since June.” 
Finally, Mr Miles told Queenslanders to expect the mandates to be in place “well beyond” December 17. 

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