Mr Andrews declared he was focused on the state’s top job and protecting the lives of millions of Victorians with the pandemic bill that his government has delayed to put to the upper house as they chase the last-minute support from one crossbench member.
“I’m committed to doing what has to be done and not about chasing, through double speak, the votes of extremists or their preferences,” he said on the Today show on Friday morning.
“I will not do that (but) if others choose to do that, well then that’s on them.”
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of trying to secure votes of “extremist” protesters. Picture: Supplied
Mr Morrison was involved in a war of words with Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles on Thursday. Picture: Rohan Thomson/Getty Images
Co-host Karl Stefanovic noted it was a sly dig at Mr Morrison after he called on state and territory leaders to “step back” and give Australians their lives back.
“I’m here to be as frank and as clear as I possibly can be, as I’d hope you credit me every time I come on your show,” he said.
“Karl, I’m not here to treat you like you’re French, mate,” Mr Andrews added, in reference to the damaged relationship between Mr Morrison and Mr Macron after the submarine deal between the two nations was torn up.
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Mr Andrews was then asked about his current working relationship with the Prime Minister where he double downed on his comments about hunting preferences.
“Well it would be a lot better when he stops double speaking to extremists,” he said.
Mr Andrews said his family was “doing OK” despite receiving death threats and was forced to call out “appalling behaviour” that saw demonstrators wheel around a set of gallows in front of parliament house with a replica doll of the Premier alongside.
Scott Morrison is ‘copping it from all sides’
Mr Andrews’ comments come after Mr Morrison said while it was important for governments to tell Australians what to do, “the time is now to start rolling all of that back”.
“It’s time for governments to step back and for Australians to take their life back and for Australians to be able to move forward with the freedoms that should be theirs,” he said on Thursday from Western Sydney where he is on his election campaign trail.
Fellow Labor counterpart Steven Miles, who is the Deputy Premier of Queensland, also took aim at Mr Morrison who he accused of “undermining” the efforts of his residents during the COVID-19 pandemic “for the sake of his own survival”.
Protesters have gathered outside state parliament daily to protest the pandemic bill that has been delayed as the Andrews government tries to secure one more crossbench vote. Picture: Jason Edwards
Dozens of demonstrators have been camping out with some threatening Mr Andrews and his family over the legislation. Picture: Jason Edwards
He told parliament the state had faired “remarkably well” through 659 days with just 2,111 cases, mostly acquired interstate or overseas, and just 11 coronavirus-related deaths.
“Our economic recovery relies on this health response. It is thanks to our health response that businesses are open and we are creating jobs,” he said on Thursday.
“Disappointingly, over those 659 days, Queenslanders have become accustomed to their Prime Minister undermining their efforts.”
Steven Miles ‘unhinged’ in response to Scott Morrison
Mr Miles said Mr Morrison could have helped push the vaccine program in the Sunshine State – who is behind all the other jurisdictions in terms of double dose percentages – but instead was more concerned about his “cynical political interests” after suggesting unvaccinated Queenslanders should be able to get a coffee from a café after reaching 80 per cent double dose coverage.
“He says business should be able to choose whether to require vaccination which would leave business out on a limb to decide whether to keep their staff safe or to compete for patrons with another business without a mandate,” he said.
“He has attempted today to trivialise the vaccination effort by talking about getting cups of coffee and we want people in Brisbane to get cups of coffee too, we just don’t want them to get COVID when they are doing it.
Mr Miles concluded saying: “The Prime Minister has done today what he has done every day of this pandemic, attacked Queensland, attacked Queenslanders and our health response all for the sake of his own political survival.

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