US President Joe Biden’s virtual summit with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping reopened a line of communication which provided some cooling of tensions, says the Washington Post’s Tyler Pager.

The three-hour long meeting, which saw contentious issues such as Taiwan raised, concluded with both leaders agreeing to tread carefully on the international stage.

While the pair failed to reconcile differences, hope remains of future cooperation.

“The goal here wasn’t to produce some sort of deliverable or major breakthroughs on any of the major issues that the US and China are confronting but rather, to reopen a line of communication between the two leaders of the US and of China,” Mr Pager said.

“The national security officials and senior administration officials were excited to have, at least, that line of communication open. There were no major breakthroughs on the issues that are dividing the two countries … but I think they’re hopeful this will reopen more communication moving forward and allow for cooperation where there can be.

“I think that is the hope that this summit provided some cooling of tensions.”

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