The UK is facing a migrant crisis which is quickly becoming the “number one issue” in the mind of British voters, according to Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

More than 1,000 people crossed the English Channel in one day last week, with more than 23,5000 people having reached the UK using small boats this year.

“Something has got to give here,” Mr Farage told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“The French are not willing to cooperate at all, it politically suits President Macron to have a great big row with the British because of course he’s up for re-election next year, and we are the old enemy.

“And it kind of suits Boris Johnson too – rather than admitting his own failure to deal with this problem – to blame the French.

“But it’s all a diversion, because the truth is, France is a safe country, but the French do not put illegal immigrants up in four-star hotels with fresh linen provided every few days.

“We do that, they’re the pull factors, we’re the idiots and I think the British public are sussing this out.”

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