Five sitting Victorian Liberal MPs will face preselection challenges ahead of next year’s state election including former leader Michael O’Brien.
Mr Davis himself formally announced on Friday that he would seek pre-selection in the seat of Kew currently held by outgoing MP Tim Smith who announced his intention to quit politics after his late-night drunken car crash last month.
The shadow treasurer looks set to go head-to-head with former staffer for Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Jess Wilson.
But the long-time upper house MP said the Liberal Party was a “democratic party” where people were “entitled to challenge”.
Victorian Liberals in a ‘huge mess’ amid Tim Smith exit
“That’s entirely within the spirit and focus of our constitution,” Mr Davis told Sky News Australia.
However, Mr Davis said the pre-selection fights were a sign “people know that Labor is on the nose”.
“They know that Daniel Andrews and his government are a long-term tired government, they’ve been there frankly for 18 of the last 22 years – They think they own the place,” he said.
“I think people have had enough, people want to come forward and they want to fight to actually change the government.
“There’s a lot of push and a lot of strength coming out of our branches at the moment as people are aware of the damage that’s been done through the blunders on the pandemic.”
Victorians and Liberal MPs join forces to protest Andrews revamped pandemic laws
Mr Davis said the key issues of concern for Victorians were the proposed pandemic powers legislation and the fresh allegations around Labor’s red shirts rort.
“We’ve heard at IBAC the massive new evidence that’s coming forward of the wrongdoing inside the Labor Party,” he said.
“The clear misuse of public money the decision to actually behave so badly misusing public money in this way.
“I mean this is terrible, terrible corrupt behaviour, let’s be clear about what we’re talking about here it’s crooked it’s wrong.”
The pre-selection battles and the controversy around Mr Smith’s decision to quit politics come as the Labor Party faces growing public backlash.
Victorian opposition ‘missing in action’ again: Panahi
But the internal party politicking could threaten to derail any progress the state opposition has made in challenging the Andrews Government.
One Liberal told the Herald Sun that it was time MPs focused on hitting back against the Labor Party.
“Isn’t it time that parliamentary members started focusing on helping Victorians and providing an alternative to Labor rather than being driven by personal ambition and internal politicking?” the source said.
Mr Davis’ own pre-selection has drawn the ire of colleagues who have suggested the veteran MP’s move was a vote of no confidence in recently re-installed leader Matthew Guy.
“David’s nomination in Kew is a clear vote of no confidence in Matthew’s ability to win the next election,” one senior Liberal told the Herald Sun.
“He has a seat already. Why else would he want a lower house seat other than to contest the Liberal leadership on the presumption that we lose the next election.”

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