The grandson of a soldier killed in WWI whose body was identified more than a century later says his reaction to news of the identification was “complete amazement”.

The body of Lieutenant Kennedy was found in an unmarked grave in France.

“Complete amazement, really, that someone was still taking the time and trouble to try and fill in the record,” Mark Kennedy told Sky News Australia.

“And the whole family was really pleased to think that there was some kind of recognition because there’d been a mystery.

He said all the family had ever known of him were stories, photographs and “bits and pieces” from his South African Constabulary service and Australian Infantry Force.

“The patience and the knowledge to drawl through the records and to cross-index things like his uniform, his location and the fact that he was wearing decorations from the South African service – it was quite surprising that they had been able to achieve that 105 years after the event.”

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