Invictus Australia Chairman James Brown says former Prime Minister Paul Keating view on China is “at odds with so many analysts, commentators, and international observers”.

It comes as Mr Keating gave a scathing assessment of Australia’s handling of its relationship with China in an address to the National Press Club on Wednesday.

“Paul Keating is a brilliant speaker, and his sweep of history was majestic, but I think his view of China is at odds with so many analysts, commentators, and international observers of that country,” Mr Brown told Sky News Australia.

“Paul Keating talks about China being due respect and Australia needing to respect China; he talks about the inevitability of a strong China, but he doesn’t give us much of an alternative to Australia’s current path in terms of its foreign policy.

“He really talked about a China that’s kind of a benign influence on the world; acted really as if international allies and friends can’t play any kind of role when it comes to influencing China’s behaviour.”

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