Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia will not be resorting to indefinite lockdowns, declaring freedoms “must never be taken from us again”.

In a speech to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday morning, Mr Morrison acknowledged the “heartache” and “frustration” as a result of “extreme lockdowns” and told state leaders to keep their end of the bargain by returning freedoms.

“Recovery, renewal, it’s everywhere to see here: you see it on the smiles of the faces of small business people, their doors open serving customers as they pull the shutters in the morning on their deli or their newsagent or their coffee shop,” he said,

“You see it in the hugs at the airports as families reunite across geographies, across generations; you see it in the really simple of pleasures – friends just catching up, having a beer, going to restaurants, strolling around the shops, getting a haircut.

“It must never be taken from us again, and that is why I put the national plan together, a plan based on the best possible medical science and the best economics to ensure we open safely and stay safely open.

“We’re not going back, Australians have kept their side of this deal by getting vaccinated, governments right across the country must keep theirs and return to Australians their freedoms.”

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