Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the path to net zero emissions by 2050 is “driven by backing Australia’s choices” for cheaper and greener technology.

“The choices that are available to Australians and right around the world are becoming more accessible so our plans are all about supporting those choices,” he said.

Mr Morrison said the federal government will aim to safeguard industry to “ensure Australians can make the choices they want to make”, such as buying environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

He said car manufacturer Toyota had a “keen interest” in lowering costs of their electric vehicles and maintaining a competitive market in Australia to drive the climate response.

“What we want our emissions reduction plan driven by is that competition, by that entrepreneurial spirit ethics to drive down the cost of technologies so they are accessible to Australians,” he said.

“Today we are launching our future fuels and vehicles strategy and that is all about putting this technology in the hands of Australians to make the choices they want to make.”

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