Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with state and territory leaders for the latest National Cabinet meeting on Friday, where agreement was reached on the way forward for quarantine for those who have received two doses of the vaccine. 
“National Cabinet… agreed, from Phase C, to adopt a risk-based approach to changes to quarantine arrangements for contacts, including differential arrangements for fully vaccinated close contacts,” a statement from Mr Morrison said. 
“For vaccinated primary close contacts:
Jurisdictions to adopt an appropriate testing regime
Jurisdictions to consider risk-based quarantine arrangements for fully vaccinated primary contacts, including no quarantine or minimal quarantine for up to seven days
Casual contacts, where identified, required only to seek testing and isolate if experiencing symptoms, and avoid high risk settings until a negative result
Unvaccinated close contacts quarantining for 14 days.” 
WA’s border to remain closed until 90 per cent vaccinated
Australia on Saturday moved to Phase C of the National Plan that charts the country’s path out of the pandemic after reaching the 80 per cent dose dose milestone nationwide.  
“Another significant milestone Australia – 80 per cent of Australians have now been fully vaccinated, that’s four out of every five. How good is that,” Mr Morrison said.
“There’s now been 36 million doses. This has been a true Australian national effort, in cities and suburbs and towns, in hospitals and pharmacies, aged care facilities, disability homes.
“There’s been the pop-up clinics, we’ve been in remote and indigenous communities, army barracks and stadiums, thousands of locations all across our amazing country.”
Mr Morrison thanked everyone involved in the nation’s vaccine rollout, from nurses to doctors, healthcare workers, pharmacists, local councils and state and territory governments.  
There are the ‘vaccinated states’ and ‘unvaccinated states’: Grant
“And as they so often do, older Australians led the way – 99 per cent of Australians over 70 have had a first jab and over 90 per cent have had a second. That’s just extraordinary,” he said.  
“And a big shout out to Queensland and WA, who will join the 80 per cent first dose club in the coming days.
“Australians haven’t just kept themselves safe, we’ve kept each other safe over these two years and I know it has felt like a long journey, that’s because it has been.”  
Mr Morrison said the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic had saved 30,000 lives but acknowledged the sacrifices Australians have had to make. 
“I know, and you know, that achievement has come at a great cost. Families have been separated, businesses and livelihoods closed, schools disrupted,” Mr Morrison said. 
“But that sacrifice is the price we all decided to pay for being a caring, generous and supportive country, a country that looks out for all its people, so from me a big thank you today.”   

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