Terence Kelly, who has been charged with a number of offences, including one count of forcibly taking a child under 16, reportedly bought Disney princesses and other girls’ toys from a store in town years before the alleged kidnapping.
Social media photos show the 36-year-old posing with two Bratz dolls and wearing a T-shirt of the same brand.
He posted a number of selfies in the last year with captions alluding to his obsession with the American branded figurines.
Alleged Cleo Smith abductor Terence Kelly appeared to have an obsession with Bratz dolls. Picture: Facebook
A room inside Kelly’s home where dozens of toy dolls are on display. Picture: Facebook
It has been reported he bought toy dolls in the years leading up to the alleged kidnapping. Picture: Facebook
Kelly’s identity was revealed late on Wednesday afternoon after he was taken to hospital twice as he reportedly harmed himself in a police cell.
He was pulled over in his car and arrested less than one hour before a team of four polices officers broke into his Tonkin Crescent home around 12:46am on Wednesday where they found the four-year-old locked inside one of the rooms.
Police knew Kelly was not at the house as they had waited for him to leave before pouncing.
He was in custody for more than 40 hours before appearing in a special late afternoon sitting of the Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.
Police had been watching for Kelly to leave his home on Tonkin Crescent before pulling his car over and arresting him. A team of officers then burst into the house to rescue Cleo. Picture: Channel 7
Kelly, dressed in black, uttered several outbursts including what the “f**k are the media doing here?”
The magistrate said it was an open court.
The detective leading the investigation into the alleged abduction revealed officers entered the house not knowing if Cleo was alive before they found her playing with toys in one of the rooms.
Police have visited stores in the town’s main shopping street on Robinson Street to ask business owners to hand over CCTV footage over the last two-and-a-half weeks.
The Australian have reported he bought dolls from Carnarvon Toyworld within the last three weeks with staff assisting detectives by scouring through archived security footage.
“He was in here three or four times a year buying girls’ toys, Disney princesses and others things like that,” a worker told the publication.
‘My name is Cleo’: Police release audio from moment she was found
Kelly only became a suspect in the case on Tuesday after a “need in the haystack” clue from phone data and an eye witness report of a suspicious vehicle spotted leaving the campsite on the night Cleo vanished.
A team of 140 detectives, officers and analysts have been working tirelessly for more than two weeks since her alleged kidnapping from the family’s tent in the early hours of October 16.
Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said Kelly’s name was first brought up after information identified him as an “irregular” at the popular Blowholes campsite, 75 kilometres north of Carnarvon.
“The information acted on from last night (Monday) onwards starts out really small and quickly snowballs,” he said.
“There were car movements, and there were phone movements. The jigsaw fit the puzzle.”
“But it took really good intelligence analysts and detectives and specialists to look at all of that information, put it together and go, ‘You know what, that doesn’t seem right to me, I’ve been doing this a long time, we’re going to act on it’.
“That’s how we get results.”
One of the first images of Cleo Smith with her parents after she was rescued on Wednesday. Picture: Colin Murty
Homicide Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde confirmed the man was “known to police” and believes no one else was involved in the alleged abduction.
Police say he has no connection to the family of Cleo.
He was refused bail and will appear in court again on December 6.

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