Terrence Kelly was sighted on Friday under police guard, wearing handcuffs and shackles as he was guided onto a plane surrounded by members of a Special Operations Group at Carnarvon airport.
Prison riot squad officers led Cleo Smith’s alleged kidnapper onto the Cessna 441 after flying 960 kilometres from Perth to collect him.
Mr Kelly was labelled high risk after injuring himself twice in Carnarvon’s prison cells in since his arrest on Wednesday.
Intriguing details have come to light since Mr Kelly was identified, with dozens of dolls found in his home after he was arrested early on Wednesday morning.
He reportedly purchased Disney princesses and other toys for young girls from a store in Carnavon but theses instances were overlooked because it was known there were multiple young children in his extended family.
Cleo Smith’s charged kidnapper Terence Darrell Kelly boards a plane after being taken into custody by members of the Special Operations Group at Carnarvon airport on November 5, 2021. Picture: Getty.
Alleged Cleo Smith abductor Terence Kelly appeared to have an obsession with Bratz dolls. Picture: Facebook
Social media pictures have shown Mr Kelly holding two Bratz dolls and wearing a matching shirt of the same brand while others images show him in a vehicle with more toys.
Mr Kelly’s doll stockpiling habits have sparked further investigation by police who have asked store owners in the local area to release CCTV footage.
“He was in here three or four times a year buying girls’ toys – Disney princesses and other things like that,” one worker told The Australian.
Mr Kelly was apprehended by police at around the same time Cleo was rescued by detectives from a locked room where she was playing with toys.
Alleged Cleo Smith abductor Terence Kelly appeared to have an obsession with Bratz dolls. Picture: Facebook.
After he was held for more than 24 hours and interrogated by police, Mr Kelly was taken to Carnarvon’s magistrates Court on Thursday.
The 36-year-old reportedly appeared agitated and asked the magistrate: “What the f**k are the media doing here?”. In response the magistrate said: “It’s an open court”.
Later on Thursday he was charged with one count of forcibly taking a child under 16 or child stealing.

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