Sky News host Alan Jones has discussed the “power of poetry” with Catherine McGregor on his final night with Sky News Australia.

“No mournful swan songs today, just joyous thoughts celebrated with our viewers and the scholarship of Catherine McGregor,” he said.

Ms McGregor offered Mr Jones a parting message, referencing a speech from the American political consultant James Carville.

“I remember the great American political consultant James Carville, when he was thanking his team in 1992 – they weren’t sure, they thought they’d probably win the election – he just said there’s only two sacred things one human being can give to another,” she said.

“The first one is love and the other one is their labour and when you make a marriage between love and labour then you’ve made a good bargain.

“And I think everyone who’s listened to you on radio or watched you on this platform knows that you’ve brought passion and love and I’ve experienced that first hand mate.”

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