France’s Ambassador should “pull his head in,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

On Wednesday France’s Ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Thébault used a National Press Club address to slam Prime Minister Scott Morrison – calling the decision to axe the $90 billion submarine deal a “stab in the back”.

Mr Bolt said it “is a rule that diplomats do not get involved in domestic politics of the country they’re in” but the French Ambassador “crossed that line”.

“So Thébault today slapped Morrison around, said … he’d lied to Macron,” Mr Bolt said.

“And yet, when one journalist asked for evidence of those lies, the ambassador didn’t have any, none that he could show, and even admitted that Macron maybe used the wrong word.

“Then he crossed a line. He wants Australia to do even more to cut its emissions.

“This is pure politicking from the French ambassador, and it seams meant to punish Morrison for defying the French President.”

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