NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has urged the state’s younger population to come forward to be vaccinated.

She said there are 93.6 per cent of people 16 and over with their first dose and 87.8 per cent are fully vaccinated.

In the 12-15 year old group 79.3 per cent have had their first dose and 62.3 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Dr Chant said she wanted to make a “call-out” to younger residents.

“I know you haven’t had access to the vaccines for as long as possible, but just to reiterate, there is plenty of vaccine and plenty of access points for you,” she said.

She said the first dose coverage is 93 per cent for each five-year age cohort above 35 but for 12 to 34-year-olds this percentage is smaller.

“So that group, we really want to see that age group between 12 to 34 shoot up and achieve that greater than 95 per cent first dose and second dose coverage.”

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