National Party members have labelled the COP26 climate summit an “example of fecklessness” and are reportedly furious Australia’s net zero target will see manufacturing jobs go the world’s biggest emitters who haven’t set any targets.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Nationals Senator Matt Canavan said the push towards net zero will see industry in western countries transferred to other nations that are not taking emission reduction seriously.

“The reality is yes we have cut our carbon emissions in the past 15 years, but we’ve also lost millions and millions of dollars in manufacturing” he said.

“So, our emissions are down 20 per cent since 2008 but our manufacturing industry is down 13 per cent over the same time.

“All we have done is export those jobs to countries like China and the Glasgow climate conference is just another big scam that will see manufacturing jobs, industry out of western countries, being transferred to other countries that are no taking this seriously like China.”

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