The former New South Wales Premier said to her recollection she had not previously revealed her relationship with Mr Maguire to Ms Cruikshank but believed it necessary to do so after the July 13 ICAC proceeding, despite her then-staffer being on leave.  
“I just wanted to make sure she knew that whatever had occurred that day was a complete shock to me and … I just felt I needed to share how close we were to her and just to make sure she knew that as far as I was concerned there was nothing further that I felt I needed to do”. 
She added she wanted to give Ms Cruikshank her “assurance that I didn’t know anything to report and I didn’t have anything to provide this body”. 
Gladys Berejiklian confirmed she revealed her relationship with Daryl Maguire to her former chief of staff after Mr Maguire appeared before the ICAC on July 13, 2018.
Ms Berejiklian stressed to the ICAC being tainted by Mr Maguire’s conduct – should their relationship be exposed during the investigation – was not her primary concern following his appearance before the 2018 inquiry.
“I guess my major concern was to allay to her [Ms Cruikshank], firstly the closeness of our relationship … but also there was nothing I knew or nothing I felt or understood or suspected that I needed to report,” she said. 
“I was very alive to my obligation. 
“It was something I gave a lot of thought to, you know questioned myself ‘have I missed anything, is there anything I know, is there anything I need to report?’ So that for me was top of mind, it was a very scary situation.
“And I came to the conclusion that absolutely there wasn’t.”

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