The elegance and the power of the eagle served as inspiration for the design of the Golden Eagle’s striking trophy, says jeweller Nic Cerrone.

The trophy, designed specifically for the spring racing carnival, is plated in gold and silver with the eyes of the horse set with 0.25ct diamonds.

“We talk about the eagle, and Peter V’landys said, ‘we want something that strikes, something like lightning’, and this is what happened,” Mr Cerrone told Sky News Australia.

“When you talk about the eagle, the eagle is a very powerful animal, it’s a very beautiful animal, it’s loved by a lot of people, so your imagination goes from one to 100 so you can never really stop about designing a piece of jewellery like this.

“This is the beautiful thing about this particular horse here, you can see all the muscles, you can see the veins, you can see its expression and that’s how you achieve that, you achieve it by making this model with wax, and then you cast it and then you refine it into a piece of jewellery because this is really a piece of jewellery.”

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