NASA is confident the Artemis launch will happen in February, but the launch is already behind schedule.

The space exploration industry hit a milestone in their construction of the rocket as they have finished stacking, according to ANU astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr Brad Tucker.

“The stacking is a critical part because this rocket is multiple parts; really put together,” he told Sky News Australia.

Dr Tucker said stacking involved combining the rocket engine and capsule and making sure they fit together, and there are no leaks.

“This has happened before that some components haven’t been flush or as perfect as they wanted to be, and it has required re-engineering or rebuild, which has pushed the timeline back,” he said.

Dr Tucker said this has contributed to the delays of the launch, but now NASA is assembling the rocket, it is a “good sign they don’t have to do any more work towards it”.

“This idea of a February launch is probably really realistic, modular a few days with weather or things like that,” he said.

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