With less than 48 hours until Mr Biden is due to jet off to Europe for a meeting of G20 leaders in Rome before heading to Glasgow for the global climate summit, it is expected the US President will front the conference without an agreed upon climate plan.
The President’s ambitious climate policies are wrapped up in a multi-trillion dollar spending plan which is yet to receive full party approval. 
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan reassured them fellow participants at Glasgow would understand “American democracy” and the complicated nature of the Congress.
The White House says US allies are looking at the “effort” of President Joe Biden in designing and negotiating investments in infrastructure and the climate rather than being dismayed at the lack of an agree-to plan at Glasgow. Picture: Sarahbeth Maney-Pool/Getty Images
“I think what the allies are looking at is the effort that President Biden has undertaken to design and now negotiate an ambitious, effective, practical set of investments in climate, clean energy, in infrastructure, in economic growth in the United States,” Mr Sullivan said.
“They also recognise that the United States has a set of democratic institutions, has a Congress; that this is a process; that it needs to be worked through.”
Mr Sullivan further stated he was confident “whether there is a deal this week or whether the negotiations continue, there will be a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the effort the President is undertaking right now to make bold, far-reaching commitments, both with respect to climate and with respect to economic growth in the United States.”
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Asked whether Mr Biden’s “credibility” will be undermined if he appears at Glasgow without a secured deal, Mr Sullivan said a “sophisticated set of world leaders” could acknowledge working through a “complex, far-reaching negotiation” on some of the most significant investments in “modern memory” would take time.
“And so I don’t think that world leaders will look at this as a binary-issue … They’ll say ‘is President Biden on track to deliver what he said he’s going to deliver?’ and we believe, one way or  the other, he will be on track to do that,” he added.
Ms Psaki also stressed world leaders would be more focused on Mr Biden’s commitment on infrastructure and the climate than what was being passed in Congress.
“They’re seeing we’re on the verge of making a deal,” she said.
She said it was also unlikely Mr Biden would postpone his trip in an effort to sign-off on a deal, saying “There’s some flexibility in the morning, but I’m not going to suggest he’s going to delay his trip.”
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Probed further by reporters as to whether other countries would be more likely to adopt strong climate targets if Mr Biden unveiled a climate policy at Glasgow, Mr Psaki reiterated the President said “it would be his preference”.
“Yes, that’s why we’re pressing so hard.  That’s why the President has space in his schedule to move forward and move his economic agenda forward,” she continued.
“But it is also important to note that we have made a significant amount of progress and we are almost there, and that the President is on the verge — we are all on the verge of passing a bill that is the largest investment in addressing the climate crisis in history.  And, of course, global leaders take note of that, too.”

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