Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the Coalition’s expectation is Australia will be able to see a 35 per cent emission reduction by 2030 with the way the country is tracking.

“Our 2030 target, which was 26, 28 per cent, which is what we took to the last election, and we’ve kept faith to that commitment,” Mr Morrison said.

“In fact, we said we’d meet that commitment and we’d beat it and that is exactly what we’re going to do because I’ll be able to inform them that we now expect that we will be able to see a 35 per cent reduction by 2030.

“That is our expectation, that is what the work shows, and I think that’s an extraordinary achievement by the Australian people, by Australian industry.

“Our targets are clear; 26 to 28 per cent by 2030 which will meet and beat and by 2050 to achieve a target of net zero emissions; we still don’t know what the Labor Party’s 2030 target is and the clock has been ticking on them for a long time.”

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