Local police authorities spoke publicly six days after the deadly shooting last Thursday (local time) and confirmed 500 rounds of ammunition found on set were a mix of blanks, dummy rounds, and suspected live rounds.
“We believe that we have, in our possession, the firearm that was fired by Mr Baldwin. This is the firearm we believe discharged the bullet,” Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza told a news conference.
“We suspect that there were other live rounds, but that’s up to testing. Right now, we’re going to determine how those got there, and why they were, because they shouldn’t have been.”
Alec Baldwin could still face potential criminal charges following the accidental shooting. Picture: Getty Images / Instagram
District Attorney Mary Carnmack-Altwies said it was too early to tell if Baldwin would face potential criminal charges.
“All options are on the table at this point. We cannot answer that question at this point,” she said.
“It is a very complex case.”
Court documents on Alec Baldwin set shooting released
Sheriff Mendoze was then asked about the industry standards, saying while they were generally safe, there was some “complacency” on set.
“Obviously I think the industry has had a record recently of being safe. I think there was some complacency on this set, and I think there are some safety issues that need to be addressed by the industry and possibly by the state of New Mexico.”
Court records show assistant director Dave Halls handed the weapon over to Baldwin and indicated it was safe by yelling “cold gun”.
911 call released after Alec Baldwin fatal shooting
The film’s lead armourer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, said she checked dummies and confirmed they were not “hot rounds” before the incident, according to a search warrant.
She also told officers the gun in question had been locked up during a crew lunch break before the scene, with limited people having access to the safe.
The bullet has since been recovered from the shoulder of filmmaker Joel Souza with detectives yet to confirm whether it was fired from the same long Colt revolver used by Baldwin.

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