Commentator Liz Storer says the left end up “falling all over themselves” with Quinton de Kock’s decision not to take the knee at a cricket match.

Quinton de Kock withdrew from a T20 cricket World Cup match after the South African cricket board determined all players in the team had to take a knee.

De Kock has refrained from taking a knee before, along with other teammates.

“What really amuses me about this is the left end up falling all over themselves,” Ms Storer told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“This guy’s not white, so what do you do? You’re kind of stuck here, not only that, to add insult to injury, he’s from South Africa, you can’t lecture this guy on racism.

“We don’t know the reason for him doing this, but I’d say here’s a man who’s simply saying…’I am not playing into this culture of victimhood, I am not being seen to back a movement that’s just being used as a political pawn by all the wrong people, I’m simply not going to bow the knee, essentially grovelling for something, that I’m not a part of’.”

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